Our Team

Our Team

Friendly, professional and experienced, the dentalĀ  team at Vasse Dental in located in the new Vasse retail precinct, is committed to providing only the very highest standards of dental care to all our clients.

Offering a full range of general dentist services, our relaxed, stress-free environment means that whether you need root canal treatment or a simple check-up, a visit to us will always leave you smiling. Our expert dental team will fit crowns, dentures and fillings, do bridgework, teeth extraction and Orthodontics. Whatever the problem, Vasse Dental will create the perfect smile for you.

Dr Tim Steven - Vasse Dental

Dr Tim Steven – B.D.Sc. (W.A.)
Associate dentist. UWA Graduate

Dr Steven, is great with kids and will put them at ease in no time, ensuring that every visit is a happy visit. As with all the staff at Vasse Dental, Dr Steven adopts a warm, welcoming and professional attitude towards all clients and is always willing to offer help and advice on dental matters